Photo Gallery

 Angkor wat sunrise leave at 4:45am 
Very special Tour and excellent Photograph

Remote Temple of Kulen Waterfall, 1000linga Tour

Beside of the Temple Tour we have special Trip to 
Floating village and on the ways stop Take a photo at Lotus Farm
Taprohm In Late afternoon 

Tour at Countryside meet poor people at the file
Young Married Local women with First baby

A little Monk walk on the Road at Countryside with assistant to the pagoda

Dinner time for poor people at Tonle Sap Floating Village

Fear factor Food for you and Good food for Local people at
New road 60 special Tour walking at Evening Market

Free time play with his Friend walking photo 

Leave file Back home after harvested
with tow baby water buffalo
15minute Tour on Hot Air Balloon
Picture by angkor wat View